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Internet Access

The National Press Building BOASTS A 100 MEGABIT FULL-DUPLEX SECURE NETWORK FOR ITS CUSTOMERS. The NPB was the first building in the United States to install a full building centric Internet backbone. Building risers contain a fiber backbone to each floor. The building's system affords speeds FASTER THAN T1 to its customers. The cost of this connectivity is significantly less than that possible with individual connections. Cost of Internet connectivity starts as low as $65 per month.

Customer Service is how PressCom differentiates itself from others. PressCom is on site and available to attend to service needs during regular business hours. We can usually complete an installation in two days or less.

PressCom is locally owned and operated by its founders.

Please direct all inquiries to: 202-662-7100

PressCom:  Services  |  Contact

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