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The revolution of the Internet is underway. Now, for the first time, the access speeds formerly affordable to only the largest enterprises are available to every business. This is the PressCom Building Centrix alternative.

PressCom makes it possible for all businesses to have direct, always on, connections to the Internet at a very high speed. This service is available to you right now and starting at $65/month.

PressCom Building Centrix provides the following advantages over the tedious dial service currently used by most businesses.

  • Unlimited usage of the "always on" connection.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth allows for faster use of Internet and increased productivity. Up to 200 times faster than dialup.
  • One connection serves your entire LAN. No more multiple dialup accounts.
  • Dedicated connection provides the most secure connection available.

Why choose PressCom?

  • Access provided through state of the art network utilizing multiple DS3 bandwidth and a first tier link to the Internet.
  • Domain name as you specify, subject to availability. (Does not include the $70 registration fee.)
  • Web hosting and email accounts.
  • Free needs assessment and turnkey installation.
  • Full customer service and "satisfaction guarantee".
  • Rock bottom pricing with rush installation in 24 hours if needed.
  • On site staff and support.

PressCom:  Services  |  Contact

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